Kecak in Uluwatu : Collaborate of dance and sunset

There was a time when I have break of studying in University. One of my friend promised me to give me a small gift because I have done our paper from my professor. I didn’t realize he gave me free ticket entrance to see Kecak Dance. When you come to Bali, then don’t skip to see this attraction. It’s worth to see. Well, I have seen Kecak dance before. But the place was in the hall. I wasn’t that extraordinary, except it was my first time I watched the dance. That time was different, really good and yes, not ordinary like other Kecak Dance Show. I believe the biggest factor is the place where they dance.

When entrance the area, you not allowed to wear mini skirt or hot pants. The area of the show is near with temple. If you just arrive from some another place and you forgot to change your short, don’t worry :P. After you park your vehicle there is a spot where you can borrow kamen ( Balinese long fabric they usually wear to praying in the temple) and selendang (fabric to tie kamen). Even when you wear jeans or long dress you still required to use selendang because you enter religion place.  Its free, but you can give your small money there. Don’t forget to return back 😀 :D. There will be a small path to go to the temple and the show place. You can see some monkeys there, but not much and not dangerous.

I used my own kain pantai and borrow selendang only
I used my own kain pantai and borrow selendang only

The ticket price is 150K, bit expensive but its worth to come and see. It starts around 6pm. But you need to come early because the ticket always sold out. After paying the ticket, instead give you a real ticket, they will give you a paper which talking about the dance. This A4 paper is your ticket, do not lose it! They open the gate at 5pm and you can choose where to sit in the tribune. I prefer sit in the top so I can see all of the show and of course the background of the show which is also important. But if you want to see the dance, you can sit in the lower part of tribune.

Before the people coming in :D
Before the people coming in 😀

So what does it means with the important of the place and the background of the show? Yes, this show is in the open tribune and it has sunset in sea as the background!!! Can you imagine how beautiful is it?

The beginning of the show
Beginning of the show


Praying before the dance start
Praying before starting dance

DSC_0250 DSC_0248 DSC_0244

Well, I am sure I got good spot 😀
Hanoman, white monkey. His cting was very funny and he interact with the audiences :D:D
The Sun is going down. I always falling in love with sunset 😀 😀


Fire attraction by Hanoman
Took picture with the dancer. You need to wait taking picture with all the dancer. And it’s free 😀

Kecak dance is the one you must see when you have chance to visit Bali. You can see this dance anywhere, but I recommended this place. It’s because the combination of the dance and sunset is perfect :D. You’ll never regret it !

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