Food Spot : Ruth’s Dessert Bali Review

Travel never apart from culinary right? When you come to Bali, instead try to eat traditional food like Babi Guling, Nasi Campur, Sate Lilit, and others you should come to Ruth’s. I recommend you to try this place and you’ll never regret it! It’s open from 8am -9.30 pm.

That was a time I am hungered of strawberries. I like strawberry so much. I went to supermarket to prepare dinner with my Korean friends. I saw discount for strawberries, a local strawberries. I grap 4 packet but then my friend said no. Why? I want to eat that! That was I said. She said better to go to Ruth to get better strawberries, bigger and sweeter than these.

And yes I saw some packages with big strawberries there, and the taste was better! Also, the price was more expensive comparing with the local strawberry. I didn’t look the place prudently. But it was pretty cozy and I like it.

Someday, my student said that she was bores having lesson in her house. Also her wifi was off. She wanted to do lesson in Ruth. I just said OK, then from that day I found that this place is really recommended. This restaurant has American’s concept; simple, cozy, and nice. We sat there for many hours and didn’t get boring when time passed by.

These are the pictures what we ordered during the lesson 😀

A healthy fruit salad
I forgot what’s the name. But you can find it easily in the first page in menu :D:D
Every main course come out with big portion of salad!!!



I have second chance to go to Ruth for dinner with someone. Hm, it can’t be said that it was a date. We just eat dinner together :D. We ate a lot!!! And yes like the first time I had my lesson and dinner with my student, time passed by so fast without both of us noticed that. I sat there for 3 and half hours! These are some pictures what we had for dinner :D:D:D

I gave 9.5 stars out of 10 for this!!!
Worth to try! This my second order of Slushy Tea 😀
The chicken was so delicioussss 😛
Milk tea came out in the pot and I’ve drank all of them LOL


And yes of course 2 free salads :D. This salad is very crunchy and so fresh!
And yes of course 2 free salads :D. It’s so crunchy and fresh!!!

Instead of food, they sell cakes also. You can enjoy some cakes, bread, cookies, or cupcakes too! Oh, and ice cream of course :D. This place so homey and next I want to try the breakfast menu. Seems worth to try 😀 :D.

You can check the price through their website with affordable price and worth with the taste^^!

So, what do you think about this place? You should check and taste by your own tongue! Check this out :D:D:D



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