My Rainbow Winter in Japan

As a girl who lives in tropical country, I always curious about snow. I want to touch and see the snow melt in my hands. Or my hands become frozen if I take a ball of snow? I asked my friends frequently about snow, winter and all the things in that session. It fascinating me. But my friends said, nothing to do in winter. It’s cold, and the hate winter. It’s just white, and means nothing.

For me, winter is like rainbow. You can do anything which you can’t do in my country. Even they said that my country has good climate :D.  I wish I could go to Japan in winter. Why in winter? This point I told you before. And, why Japan? There are so many countries has winter session. I just fall in love with Japan. This country has something hidden in my eyes. I want to explore it,  take a look and share with others. I am pretty sure that Japan fascinate lot of people about the way they live. Mix of modern technology and old culture like a magnet for people. I do not know what word explaining what I think and feel. Just simply call it rainbow. Because it has so many colors, become one and pretty!

Fortunately I find this blog competition. So happy! Seems that it is my chance to touch down Japan. I decided to take this competition which talking about My Ideal Japanese Winter Vacation. If you ask : “Is it you first time try to reach Japan?” then I said NO! I tried before in different way. I applied scholarship in some universities, but then I failed. At least I tried, that’s better than do nothing. I’m not regret my past. Take that to make a better future, and the important one is think positive. I learn this from my Japanese friends. Their spirit influence me slowly but surely. That’s make me more and more loves Japan! <3<3<3

Yeah, the competition is so cool!
Yeah, the competition is so cool!


I am going to get over this chance!!!
I am going to get over this chance!!!

What I going to do if I have this chance? Of course I finish my part my itinerary for 5 days and 4 nights. Where places I need to visit and what kind of activities must do during the winter, how to access there, the nature, culture, and not forget about the culinary! Believe me, as traveler the lovely time before going holiday is make itinerary. While thinking about that, I can imagine the place and how happy I am there. So, what is my plan during winter vacation? Here we go!

Day 1

Arrived in Tokyo, then what? Of course directly go to GALA Yuzawa. Look at the map, and yes it is located in Niigata. So faaarr away!! No!!!! It will be takes time to go there! Well, I anticipated that. Even it’s 200 km away from Tokyo but you can take bullet train or Shinkansen. So prepare you JR Pass! How is GALA Yuzawa look like? Chek this map out!

GALA Yuzawa Course Map
GALA Yuzawa Course Map

You can get this free map as well in this site:D:D:D

How to get GALA Yuzawa : Direct to Tokyo Stn. Follow signs for the Joetsu Shinkansen [Platforms 20-23] and take the train Max-Tanigawa or Tanigawa, alight at GALA Yuzawa Stn. It takes around 77 minutes. As I know, bullet train is so fast and all of the trains on time in departure and arrival. Depart from Tokyo as soon as possible to explore GALA Yuzawa more :D.

Yes, it takes 77 minutes and get 1 free after purchase 1 :D
Yes, it takes 77 minutes and get 1 free after purchase 1 😀


See the green line :D
See the green line 😀

JR Pass offer packet including GALA Yuzawa as well like skiing or snowboarding, enjoying Gondola, and discount for hot spring. What is that means? See picture below and you will understand 😀 !

Combination JR Pass and GALA
Combination JR Pass and GALA

Hey, so much benefit you can get!!!!!

poster 2
Hmmm…what should I choose…. 😀

poster 3

The Three I mean Benefits :D
The Three Muske…ups I mean Benefits 😀


Exploring this place for one day maybe is not enough. First, because I am curious about snow and skiing I will learn and enjoy the slope in GALA Yuzawa. This place is the perfect place to skiing and snowboarding. Since I am beginner, it would be great experience for me learn skiing in perfect and famous place like GALA Yuzawa. I worry about how to learn skiing and snowboarding there. Then I got information about skiing and snowboarding lesson with affordable price depends on how many hours we take the lesson.

Ski and Snowboard Lessons
Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Wait, how about the equipment for skiing and snowboarding? Yuhuu, I do not need to get all of them from Tokyo. There are equipment rentals with the latest model of fashion and board :D. The rentals also provide different price in different time of lend the equipment. So nice isn’t it? I just take half day. I want to do another things to exploring GALA Yuzawa. Ssstt, sliding is also good idea to try there!

So what next? After throwing my energy having fun learn skiing. I wanna take gondola and let my eyes glancing GALA Yuzawa from the air. See the white snow I am dreaming of and don’t forget to take many photos as always :D. Taking gondola is the best choice to explore the panoramic in different sight.

See? It's just beauty of white snow :D picture belongs to:
See? It’s just beauty of white snow 😀
picture belongs to:

I am pretty sure, I will exhausted and feel hungry. I think about this also and how to anticipate it. Since my Japanese is not good (well i am beginner in Japanese), I discovered that during exploring GALA Yuzawa, I don’t need to be worry. There are lot of facilities I can get. Wanna get food? Just go to Irori Lounge and get massage in Cowabunga area. Otherwise, I can go to Milano cafe near there. Well, Serambi Restaurant and Dining Teria Pal Pal in Cheers area is good idea too.

Milano Cafe in Cowabunga area. This photo belongs to :
Milano Cafe in Cowabunga area. This photo belongs to :

The best thing to close my day here is soaking my body in GALA No Yu hot spring. I can feel how relaxed and warm I am after smile and laugh all day in cold winter.

Warm warm warm hooott...Picture belongs to :
Warm warm warm hooott…Picture belongs to :

The perfect dinner for cold day? I choose udon and kakiarage, with the best partner green tea or matcha before dreaming of a white Japan in my ryokan. Nice memory should be made this day :D.

More information about GALA Yuzawa can be find here^^

PS : Do not get confuse with the subway lines 😛

Day 2 

I will find myself excited as soon as I opened my eyes in the second day. I will visit Sendai, and it’s not far away from Niigata. I just check JR East web and guess, they give limited gifts if I purchase JR East Pass. Here the link to know more about the gifts!

What kind of attraction I can visit in Sendai? Well, Sendai castle is the must visit place. The next destinations are Zuihoden (final rest place founder of Sendai), Osaki Hachimagu and Toshogi Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, walking through in Jozenji street. During winter, walking in Jozenji street in the night would be awesome. I heard about pageant of starlight there. Seriously, it will make my open jaw!!! Visiting Sendai Mediatheque will kill my curious. This building chosen as the best building in 2002. The one I can’t get rid off during my winter holiday is Onsen. Take a break and deep breath in famous Onsen in Sendai^^

Zuihoden during winter. Photo belong to :
Zuihoden during winter. Photo belong to :
Beauty of Jozenji street in Cold Winter. Photo belongs to :
Beauty of Jozenji street in Cold Winter. Photo belongs to :
Sweet Snow in Hachimangu Shrine. Photo belongs to :
Sweet Snow in Hachimangu Shrine. Photo belongs to :

Exploring food is a must. It’s time to give my tongue the sensation of Japanese traditional food. Beef is the famous one in Sendai. Grilled beef tongue is good choice also to try. The taste will melt the cold in my mouth. I am sure!!! 😀 Since I am here, I will get Sasa-kamaboko (bamboo leaf shaped fish cake) and Zunda (sweetened mashed green soybean).


Day 3

Yeah, Akita is the next destination today :D. Do not worry because JR East cover this area too! Why I come to Akita? First, I curious and want to explore more in Hinai Chicken Market. There are plenty delicious food from chicken and Akita local food serve here such as kirinttapo, sottsuru-nabe, inaniwa udon, and babehara ice. Droll droll droll as soon as I arrive there! After that, times to give something sweet for my beauty mouth :D. Going to Ameko Candys Market will turn me crazy in the minutes.  There are 150 chart lines of candies. Locals believes that if we eat candy from that day, we will free from getting cold. Also, they believe that the deity of Mt. Tashirodake comes to buy candy on this day. Both of this market, which actually kind like festival can be find in February.

Yummy Kirintanpo. Photo belongs to :
Yummy Kirintanpo. Photo belongs to :
Ameko Candy Festival. Photo belongs to :
Ameko Candy Festival. Photo belongs to :

I heard a lot of festival in Akita like Namahage Seto Festival, Paper Baloon Festival, Yokote Snow Huts,  Tazawako Kogen Snow Festival, and many else. But, these festivals held in February. A perfect winter meet with warm of happiness from festivals. I dream about that!

Photo belongs to :
Namahage Seto Festival is quite unique one. Photo belongs to :
Yokote Kamakura Festival. Photo belongs to :
Yokote Kamakura Festival. Photo belongs to :

What next? Kamakura can be find here. What is it? Is a hut made from snow. A night in Kamakura will be romantic because only candle use for the light. Usually, they offering amazake (sweetness sake) to anyone who passing by. There will be festival also called Hiburi Kamakura also . What is it? This festival  is about a sacred flame  swung on a long rope, creating a spectacular ring of fire which is said to awaken the slumbering winter fields and provide safety, a good harvest, and protection from disasters and illness for the entire year.

Romantic night in Kamakura Photo belongs to :
Romantic night in Kamakura Photo belongs to :
Guys, I told you this is real!!! Photo belongs to :
Don’t try it if you are not a pro! Just come and watch it in Hiburi Kamakura Festival! Photo belongs to

How about day 4 and 5? Hmm…I am bit confused actually, which I must choose to go. I want to visit Shin-Aomori, Hachinohe, and Morioka at glance in day 4 and 5 before turn back to Tokyo. Well since I have 5 days ticket from JR East, of course I will get around in East Japan and explore it more and more :D! Get more information about JR East Area in facebook. Here the link : You can update information they provide.

Aaannnndddd, as a blogger you should get update with BBLOG. This is link for BBLOG in facebook : You can get tons of useful information there. Believe me, it’s works :D:D:D…

See, my happy face became happier and happier 😀 just because I plan and imagine that.  I will tell you later if I get chance as the winner!! :D. So please pray for me :D.



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